Have you ever considered how superheroes differ from you or me? Have you considered what it is about a superhero’s muscles that endow them with super strength or super speed? Or, when a superhero reads someone’s mind, what is that that they are reading? How does a superhero instantly teleport themselves to a new location, or how does the way your body heals differ from the way a superhero heals?

In my book, I describe how your body normally functions and use scientific principles to simply, theoretically, and practically describe how a superhero would differ from you (or me). Each chapter approaches a different superhero ability, describes the analogue physiology in humans and certain very cool animals, and describes reasonable theoretical ways your physiology could be adapted or modified to endow you with super-human ability.

Superhero Physiology contains:

Chapter 1: Super Strength

Chapter 2: Super Speed

Chapter 3: Telepathic Perception

Chapter 4: Laser Vision

Chapter 5: Shrinking and Growing

Chapter 6: Teleportation

Chapter 7: Super Healing

Chapter 8: Bionics

Chapter 9: Breathing Underwater

Chapter 10: Heroes and Villains